Silberra ORTA50 B&W Film 135/36
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Silberra ORTA50 B&W Film 135/36

Code: SO50
  • 25.03.2021
  • 36
  • 50
  • B&W
  • 35 mm
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Silberra ORTA50 is orthochromatic b&w film, with 50 ISO speed. The main feature of orthochromatic emulsions is blindness to red light spectrum; due to that fact the final picture has quite specific and recognizable look, especially when shooting portraits. Contemporary orthochromatic emulsion has quite high resolution, moderate to high contrast and provides quite good tonal range. Though the contrast of the film is rather high, some slight softness is always present at orthochromatic film shots.

Attention: though the film may be processed under red light, certain precautions should be taken to prevent fogging the film due to its high sensitivity. Please provide no less than 2m distance between red light and developing tank/tray; always use minimum available light power by dimming the light with either built-in dimmer or with additional filter (DIY paper reflector may be useful).