Silberra COLOR160 C-41 160/135-36
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Silberra COLOR160 C-41 160/135-36

Code: SIC100135
  • 36
  • 160
  • Color
  • 35 mm
Price: $14,00
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Back in Stock!

We had high demand upon first limited edition of Silberra COLOR 100 and now we represent you Silberra COLOR 160 in serial production with higher speed. Warm colors, high resolution, nice grain: all the things you loved in LIMITED EDITION are improved and ready for you to make frames.

This time the film was coated especially for us and you may enjoy it for a long period: we suppose to have it in stock permanently.

With nominal ISO 160 you may shoot Silberra COLOR 100 at EI320 or EI80 or EI40 with push or pull processing C-41 scheme. 

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