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Silberra Ascorol Developer, 250 ml, concentrate

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Universal Equalizing Sharpening Developer

Silberra Ascorol developer is a universal single-solution (one-shot) concentrated developer based on ascorbic acid. It can be used for developing black-and-white photographic films and photo papers.

When processing photographic film Silberra Ascorol works as an equalizing sharpening developer, with low graininess, good light sensitivity and low fog levels; Ascorol also provides a wide gamma of halftones.
When used for processing photo paper, Silberra Ascorol provides good covering power and pleasant warm shades in the resulting image. Depending on the dilution, it can work as high acutance developer (1+49) or as high contrast developer (1+19).

Chemical Composition

Sodium sulfite anhydrous, ascorbic acid, 1-Phenyl-3-pyrazolidone, caustic potassium, potassium, potassium bromide, benzotriazole.

Preparing Stock Developer (mixing instructions)

Working solution is prepared by diluting the concentrate in distilled water while actively stirring. To prepare a working solution of a negative developer, it is recommended to use distilled water. Prior to dilution we recommend shaking the sealed bottle of Silberra Ascorol concentrate for 20-30 seconds.

To make stock developer for B&W film:

Dilute the concentrate of Silberra Ascorol to a ratio of 1+29 (i.e. 10 ml of concentrate to 290ml of water to obtain 300 ml of working solution or 30 ml of concentrate and 870 ml of water to get 0.9 litres of working solution).
Since the working solution of Silberra Ascorol is not reusable, it is convenient to prepare it immediately before processing the film and to the volume that you need.
For faster and higher contrast processing, higher ratios of dilution can be used (up to 1+19); for soft equalization and high acutance processing lower the dilution ratio to 1+49.
At least 5 ml of concentrated solution should be used to process 1 film.

To make stock developer for photo papers:

Dilute the concentrate of Silberra Ascorol to a ratio of 1+9 (i.e. 100 ml of concentrate and 900 ml of water to obtain 1000 ml of working solution). For faster and higher contrast processing higher ratios of dilution can be used (up to 1+4), for soft equalizing and higher acutance processing use lower ratio of dilution (down to 1+19).

Development Times

Average development time for most of black and white negative films at stock dilution (1+29) is between 10 and 15 minutes at 20C. Optimal times to process specific films are stated either by the manufacturer of the film or can be learned from the table of developing times at the foot of this page.
Development time for photo papers is about 2-3 minutes at stock dilution (1+9). In this case the developer provides a normal contrast. A higher concentration ratio (ie., 1+4) increases the speed of the developer and the resulting image contrast. Maximum densities are improved and the optimum development time decreases to 1-2 minutes.
If the dilution is weaker (up to 1+19), the developer provides lower contrast, higher acutance and the optimal development time increases to 2-5 minutes. In addition, a toning effect may appear.

Usage Limits

Silberra Ascorol working solution’s effective usage limit for film is 3x135 type films per 1 litre (or 2 films of 120 type per 1 litre).
Silberra Ascorol working solution’s effective usage limit for photo papers is 0,85 sq.m. per 1 litre (approximately 20 sheets 18х24 cm).


During storage, precipitate may settle at the bottom of the bottle. Precipitate doesn't affect any chemical qualities of the solution. As soon as working solution is exhausted it changes color to “toxic yellow-lemon”, which can affect the quality of the prints (when using developer for photo papers).
Keep Silberra Ascorol Developer in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from children. All the solutions should be stored in tightly sealed bottles, with low internal air volume.

Expiry Date / Shelf Life

Concentrated Silberra Ascorol Developer may be stored in its original sealed bottle for up to 18 months; after opening the bottle, the developer will remain useable for no more than 10 months.
Silberra Ascorol working solution doesn't have a guaranteed shelf life and must be used 7-10 days after the date of preparation. Unused Ascorol working solution for photo papers can be stored up to 3 months under correct storage situations; used working solution for photo papers can be stored for only 21 days.

Disposal Regulations

Silberra developers and fixers must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are used in. Concentrated developers could be toxic and may harm the environment unless disposed in appropriate manner. Silberra recommends to use special disposal services provided by correspondingly licensed organizations which are eligible for photographic chemistry recycling/disposal.

Development Times Table

DeveloperFilmISOTime, minutesTemperature
AscorolAdox CHS 100 II100720C
AscorolAdox Silvermax100920C
AscorolAdox ORT 2525620C
AscorolAdox Pan 2525520C
AscorolAdox CHS 5050720C
AscorolAdox CHS 100100720C
AscorolAdox CHM 125125920C
AscorolAdox CHM 400400820C
AscorolAgfaPhoto APX 100100920C
AscorolArista EDU Ultra 200200720C
AscorolArista EDU Ultra 400400920C
AscorolAviphot APX 200 S2001020C
AscorolBergger Pancro 400400920C
AscorolFoma Retropan 3203201020C
AscorolFomapan 100100620C
AscorolFomapan 200200720C
AscorolFomapan 400400820C
AscorolFuji Neopan 100 Acros100720C
AscorolFuji Neopan 100ss100720C
AscorolFuji Neopan 400400720C
AscorolFuji Neopan 16001600820C
AscorolHolga 400400820C
AscorolIlford Delta 100 Pro100820C
AscorolIlford Delta 3200 Pro32001120C
AscorolIlford Delta 400 Pro4001020C
AscorolIlford FP4+125920C
AscorolIlford HP5+400820C
AscorolIlford Pan F+50720C
AscorolIlford XP2 Super4001420C
AscorolIlford Pan 100100720C
AscorolIlford SFX 2002001020C
AscorolIlford Pan 400400720C
AscorolKentmere 100100920C
AscorolKentmere 4004001020C
AscorolKodak TMax P320032001420C
AscorolRollei Blackbird1001020C
AscorolRollei Ortho 2525620C
AscorolRollei Pan 2525520C
AscorolRollei Retro 100100920C
AscorolRollei RPX 100100920C
AscorolRollei Retro 4004001020C
AscorolRollei Retro 400S4001020C
AscorolRollei RPX 400400820C
AscorolSilberra PAN/ULTIMA 5050820C
AscorolSilberra PAN/ULTIMA 1001001220C
AscorolSilberra PAN/ULTIMA 1601601420C
AscorolSilberra PAN/ULTIMA 2002001220C
AscorolWashi - Z4001020C

Push-process time multiplier:

1 stop = x1,35
2 stops = x2,25

Kodak TMax films

1 stop = standard time
2 stops = x1,33
3 stops = x1,66